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How Mobile-First Staffing Platforms Are Changing the Game for Agencies

Improving the Metrics That Matter

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We live in a mobile-first world. Nearly 60% of all internet time is spent on mobile phones. Of that, 88% is on mobile apps. In addition, people have changed how they communicate – moving away from phone and email, and toward mobile apps and services like SMS.

It’s clear where candidates are spending their time. Despite these changes, less than 10% of staffing firms have a clearly-defined mobile strategy. This creates a unique opportunity for staffing firms to completely revolutionize the way they run their business and engage talent.

Watch this webinar you won’t want to miss! We’ll show you how:

  • Mobile-first staffing platforms are completely changing the game
  • Agencies like yours are improving all of the metrics that matter most
  • You can increase the overall value of your offering in the eyes of both candidates and investors!

Adjusting to new communication and engagement preferences takes more than posting jobs on a mobile-friendly website. Everything your company does can — and should — be optimized for the mobile-first world we live in, starting from brand recognition and talent attraction all the way through onboarding, deployment, time tracking, and more.


Bryan Wilson, VP Strategy, StaffUpApp
[email protected]

Bryan has worked in the staffing industry for over 24 years and has consulted with thousands of staffing firms. As such, he knows a thing or two about what it takes to be successful. He routinely speaks at industry events and in webinars, always focusing on helping staffing agencies not only survive, but thrive, in the mobile-first world.  

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