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Episode 36

Rich Smith, VP and Co-Founder of Atlas MedStaff, on How One ER Travel Nurse Changed His Life

In this episode, I talk to Rich Smith, Vice President and Co-Founder of Atlas MedStaff, about how one ER visit 20 years ago with his sick baby changed the trajectory of his career. We talk about how to show up for frontline travel nurses during the pandemic, breaking the 8 to 5 mold, and looking towards the future with optimism.

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Episode 36

How to Recruit More Moms into the Workforce (and Why You Should) — Dara Levy, VP, Channel Partners, The Mom Project

In this episode, I talked to Dara Levy, Vice President, Channel Partners at The Mom Project, a digital talent marketplace and community that connects professionally accomplished women with world-class companies. We talk about how parents often struggle to return to the workforce, why mothers are crucial to successful companies, and how you can start recruiting more moms today.

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Episode 35

“In Almost All Cases, Simple Is Better”: April Hansen, EVP of Workforce Solutions and Clinical Services, Aya Healthcare, on Leading Through Chaos

In this episode, I sat down with April Hansen, EVP of Workforce Solutions and Clinical Services of Aya Healthcare. We talked about building a culture that’s agile in the face of chaos, finding your passion, and keeping it simple.

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Episode 34

“There Was No Playbook for This” — Jake Wood, CEO of Team Rubicon, on How He Scaled a Global Nonprofit of 130,000 Veteran Volunteers to Help with Disaster Relief

In this episode, David Folwell, President of StaffingHub, and Caitlin Delohery, Editor-in-Chief, talk to Jake Wood. Jake Wood is the CEO of Team Rubicon, a global nonprofit he co-founded in 2010. Team Rubicon serves communities by mobilizing veterans to continue their service, leveraging their skills and experience to help people prepare, respond, and recover from disasters and humanitarian crises.

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Episode 33

David Searns, CEO of Haley Marketing, on Relationship Marketing for the Staffing Industry and the Power of Purpose

In this episode, David Folwell, President of StaffingHub, sits down with David Searns, the CEO of Hayley Marketing, to talk about the evolution of inbound marketing, the power of knowing your purpose, and how hating cold calls changed his life.

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Episode 32

“Part of Growing As a Leader is Learning How to Let Go”: Sejal Shah, CEO of TotalMed, on the Challenges of Remote Recruiting in the Age of COVID-19

In this episode, I talk with Sejal Shah, the CEO of TotalMed Staffing. We discussed the challenges of remote recruiting, listening to your candidates, and his hopes for the future of healthcare staffing.

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Episode 31

Mullady Voelker, President of Strategic Growth at GIFTED Healthcare, on Leading Through Crisis

In this episode, Caitlin Delohery, Editor in Chief of StaffingHub, talks with Mullady Voelker, President of Strategic Growth at GIFTED Healthcare, to talk about trauma-informed leadership, asking tough questions about diversity and inclusion, and how to maintain hope during these stressful times.

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Episode 30

“There’s No Transformation Without Integration”: Lauren B. Jones, Founder of Leap Consulting, on Making Smart Tech Choices in Staffing

In this episode, David Folwell, the President of StaffingHub, sits down to talk to Lauren Jones, the Founder of Leap Consulting, about the digital transformation, common pitfalls in tech adoption, and the power of gratitude.

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Episode 29

The Bullhorn Team on Diversity & Inclusion in Staffing and the Emotional Toll of the Pandemic

In this episode, Caitlin Delohery sits down (to a Zoom call) with two Bullhorn team members: Vinda Souza, the VP of Global Communications, and Caitlyn Rhodes, Talent Acquisition Business Partner and DEI Program Manager. We talked about making a statement for racial justice, Bullhorn’s thought leadership around diversity and inclusion, and the industry’s optimism in spite of the pandemic.

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Episode 28

“Do the Right Thing”: Martin Payne, CEO of TextUs, on How to Grow Your Business During a Pandemic

In this episode of The Staffing Show, I interview Martin Payne, the new CEO of TextUs, about what brought him to the growing business texting platform, what it takes to lead growth stage companies, and how he copes and adapts during the pandemic. Martin shares his thoughts on doing the right thing, meditating and eating well to lead better, and following your mom’s advice.

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In this episode, David Folwell, the President of StaffingHub, interviews Adam Conrad, the founder of Great Recruiters, on the impact of the pandemic on the staffing industry, how to stay connected with your team when recruiting remotely, and the new face of the digital transformation.

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Episode 26

Joyce Russell of the Adecco Group US Foundation on How to Live a Cherry-on-Top Life

This episode was recorded on March 11, just before we here at StaffingHub started sheltering in place. Though much has changed in the past few weeks, Joyce’s wisdom in this episode is timeless and uplifting. We hope it brings you hope in these unprecedented times.

In this episode, Caitlin Delohery, Editor-in-Chief of StaffingHub, interviews Joyce Russell, President of the Adecco Group US Foundation and author of Put a Cherry on Top: Generosity in Life & Leadership, about facing conflict head on, the importance of emotional intelligence, and what she learned about staffing from her experience at the Olympics.

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Episode 25

From the Archives: Tom Kosnik of the Visus Group Gets Real About Staffing Compensation, M&A, and More

This podcast episode is from the archives — recorded on January 8 of this year but previously unaired. While we’re living in a whole new world today, the episode is full of useful strategies from our guest, Tom Kosnik, strategic consultant to staffing firms and President of the Visus Group, that can help your firm through this unprecedented era.

In this episode, David Folwell, President of StaffingHub, interviews Tom about creating thought leadership communities in the staffing industry, compensation, M&A, and more.

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Episode 24

Rob Mann of EmployStream on the Staffing Industry’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this episode, David Folwell, President of StaffingHub, talks with Robert Mann, Enterprise Account Manager for EmployStream, on the radical effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the staffing industry. They chat about the rise in unemployment, the changing role of technology, and how to reach out to your audience in these strange times.

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Episode 23

“Staffing Firm Leaders Need to Prepare for Massive Change to Survive And Thrive” — Maurice Fuller, Founder of StaffingTec, on Staffing’s Digital Transformation

In this episode of The Staffing Show, David Folwell, President of StaffingHub and Staffing Referrals, interviews Maurice Fuller, founder of the StaffingTec Conference and 25-year veteran of the industry. They talk about how staffing firms can keep up with the digital transformation and the top tech trends that will define the next decade.

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Episode 22

Selecting the Staffing Tech Solutions That Empower Your Recruiters and Candidates: Forrest Wagner, CIO, Staffmark Group

In this interview, we talk to Forrest Wagner, CIO of Staffmark Group, about giving candidates the choices they need, remaining calm during periods of rapid growth and downturn alike, and empowering your team with your tech stack.

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Episode 21

How the Kayak of Travel Nursing is Challenging the Status Quo in Healthcare Staffing: An Interview with David Deane, SVP of Wanderly

In this interview, we talk to David Deane, the SVP of Wanderly, about shaking up the healthcare staffing industry, the fate of recruiters in an increasingly automated world, and what it takes to win in staffing in the years to come.

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Episode 20

“There Continues to be a Very Upbeat Attitude in the Staffing Market” — Hugo Traeger, Director of Advertising Sales at SIA, on Positivity, New Tech, and Breaking Through to Success

Hugo Traeger and I talk about the sunny attitude shining through the staffing industry, gearing up for Executive Forum, how fastest-growing staffing firms break through to success, and how much staffing technology has changed (next time you see him, ask Hugo about being sued for $5M for taking his Rolodex with him after leaving his job).

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Episode 19

“Our Expansion Really Happened Through Word of Mouth” — DISYS CEO Mahfuz Ahmed on Hitting $420m Through Glowing Reviews, Intelligent Automation, and Moonlighting His Way to Success

In this episode of The Staffing Show, David Folwell, President of StaffingHub, interviews Mahfuz Ahmed, the CEO and principal founder of DISYS. They discuss the revenue-generating power of glowing reviews, high-performing mercenaries, intelligent automation, and moonlighting til you make it.

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Episode 18

“Let Them See Behind the Curtain. It’s Not Oz Anymore.” — Jonathan Eldridge, Executive Vice President of Experience for Brooksource, on Building Transparency, Creating Raving Fans, and What Staffing Can Learn from Domino’s

In this episode, which was recorded at this year’s Bullhorn Engage, I talk to Jonathan Eldridge, Executive Vice President of Experience for Brooksource, about building transparency with clients and candidates, creating raving fans, and what staffing can learn from Domino’s.

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Episode 17

“You’re Throwing Money Away” — Vincent Devoe, Business Application Manager, at Signature Consultants, on How Data-Driven Tech Adoption Can Drive Growth

In this episode, which was recorded at this year’s Bullhorn Engage, I talk to Vincent Devoe, the Business Application Manager at Signature Consultants, about scaling a staffing firm, implementing the right technology, and measuring the success of your tech adoption.

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Episode 16

Tim Robbins, VP of Staffing and Recruiting at Monster, on What Keeps Staffing Execs Up at Night

In this episode of The Staffing Show, we were at the StaffingTec conference, and we sat down with Tim Robbins, VP of Staffing and Recruiting at Monster to talk about the conference, the smart way to adopt new tech, and what’s keeping staffing execs up at night.

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Episode 15

Creating a Culture of Caring During the Tech Revolution: Tara Sprakel and Ryan Paulson of Fusion Medical Staffing

We sat down with Tara Sprakel and Ryan Paulson from Fusion Medical Staffing to talk automation, the modern workforce, and why relationships are the cornerstone to great staffing.

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Episode 14

Life Lessons from Mary Lucas and Her Late Father About Staffing, Inspiration, and “Comeback Sauce”

Kicking off season 2, we sat down with Mary B. Lucas, Chief Talent Officer at Supplemental Health Care, and author of Lunchmeat & Life Lessons: Sharing a Butcher’s Wisdom. She talks about her father’s “comeback sauce,” what it really means to succeed in the people business, and the future of staffing.

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Episode 13

Maurice Fuller Founder of the StaffingTec Conference & Expo

Think about how different the world was in 1993 — maybe you were sending faxes, experiencing your first PDF, or hearing the word SPAM for the first time. Now, imagine that amount of change compressed into the next decade.

Fuller’s here to help give you practical tips on how to make the smart tech choices that will keep your staffing firm ahead of the curve.

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