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Pandemic-Related Stress Differs by Race, Industry, and Location

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For many Americans, COVID-19 is bringing a heavy dose of economic hardship and anxiety. And, according to the results of the latest American Staffing Association (ASA) Workforce Monitor survey, some groups have more employment and financial worries than others. Anxiety level greater among Blacks and Hispanic Americans Finding and keeping a job during these uncertain times has weighed heavier on …

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Soft Skills Staffing Firms Should Look for in Remote Workers

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By John Routhier, Chief Sales Officer, SkillSurvey As more companies like Google, REI, and Twitter embrace remote work, sometimes permanently, staffing agency recruiters need to zero in on the best, new remote workers.  These days, the soft skills in demand are self-motivation, engaging with team members, communicating well, and staying proactive to meet deadlines and solve problems. Especially when there …

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David Searns, CEO of Haley Marketing, on Relationship Marketing for the Staffing Industry and the Power of Purpose

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In this episode, David Folwell, President of StaffingHub, sits down with David Searns, the CEO of Hayley Marketing, to talk about the evolution of inbound marketing, the power of knowing your purpose, and how hating cold calls changed his life. Folwell: All right, I’m here today with David Searns, who is the CEO of Haley Marketing, a Wharton MBA, and …

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Challenges of Remote Work Every Business Needs to Address

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By Christine Peters The global health pandemic has lead to more and more companies switching to remote work. Although the trend of working remotely has been growing for years now, the coronavirus pandemic has sped things up. Millions of companies across the globe are now forced to participate in the remote work experiment. Some were ready for it, others were …

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Does UI Really Matter?

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SPONSORED CONTENT By Able What happens when a design doesn’t quite fit the way something is being used? The process of using may not be inhibited entirely, but it will likely be complicated and slowed. This principle can be applied to anything, even a ketchup bottle. Sure, the original design of the ketchup bottle where the cap is located on the top …

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“Part of Growing As a Leader is Learning How to Let Go”: Sejal Shah, CEO of TotalMed, on the Challenges of Remote Recruiting in the Age of COVID-19

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In this episode, I talk with Sejal Shah, the CEO of TotalMed Staffing. We discussed the challenges of remote recruiting, listening to your candidates, and his hopes for the future of healthcare staffing. Delohery: Okay. Hi and welcome to The Staffing Show. We’re here with Sejal Shah, the CEO of TotalMed. Thanks so much for joining us today, Sejal. Shah: …

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Job Growth Continues, but Leaves Many Behind: September Jobs Report

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Job gains persisted in September, with nonfarm payroll employment up by 661,000, according to the most recent employment situation report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The overall unemployment rate fell by 0.5 percentage points (1 million people) and is now at 7.9% (12.6 million people).  Although the employment numbers have been steadily improving over the past five months, …

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The Importance and Benefits of Bringing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives Into Your Workplace

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By Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner, Agreeya Solutions In the staffing world, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are no longer just buzzwords, amounting to little more than a compulsory annual training. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Business leaders are realizing that when DEI is a priority, it makes a difference in every facet of the organization. This article will help …

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Stream the 2020 State of Staffing Industry Growth Webinar Now

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The 2020 State of Staffing Industry Growth Webinar is now available to stream. Bringing together staffing industry leaders to discuss growth benchmarks, the impact of COVID-19, and what the future may hold, the webinar gives you insight into where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re headed. Stream the 2020 State of Staffing Industry Growth Webinar Our Editor in …

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Mullady Voelker, President of Strategic Growth at GIFTED Healthcare, on Leading Through Crisis

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In this episode, Caitlin Delohery, Editor in Chief of StaffingHub, talks with Mullady Voelker, President of Strategic Growth at GIFTED Healthcare, to talk about trauma-informed leadership, asking tough questions about diversity and inclusion, and how to maintain hope during these stressful times. Delohery: Hi, we’re here today with Mullady Voelker. Mullady Voelker is the President of Strategic Growth at GIFTED …