Webinar: 2020 State of Staffing Industry Growth

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Recorded: Thursday, September 24th at 1PM EST

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What will you learn?

The State of Staffing Industry Growth

1.1  Who Took the Survey
1.2 Growth Projections
1.3 Challenges and Opportunities

Technology Insights

3.1 Early Adoption
3.2 Most Valuable Platforms
3.3 Automation
3.4 MPS/VMS Scorecard


Communication & Candidate Experience

2.1  Communication Challenges
2.2  Speed of Response
2.3  Text Messaging
2.4  NPS
2.5  Close Rate and Days to Close

COVID-19 Impact on Staffing

4.1  Revenue Impact
4.2  Layoffs
4.2  Technology Choices
4.2  Future
4.2  COVID-19 Resources


2020 State of Staffing Industry Growth Webinar

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How the pandemic has changed the industry’s priorities, tactics, and strategies
  • What communication strategies, tech choices, and behaviors are driving growth
  • Which tech tools are most valuable to your competitors
  • How effective VMS and MSP providers are for staffing firms
  • Which verticals have been hit hardest by the pandemic — and which still expect to grow
  • Staffing-specific resources to help you through the pandemic

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2020 State of Staffing brought to you by: