2016 Staffing Industry Sales & Marketing Communication Benchmarking [Report]

2nd Annual Benchmarking Report

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How’s staffing & recruiting changing?

Fast-growth staffing firms use SMS almost two times as much as their slow-growth industry peers.


Fast growing staffing firms rate social media as their top tactic for generating and closing leads.


The fastest growing firms are 2.3 times more likely to respond to a lead in the first 5 minutes after contact.


The fastest growing staffing firms close deals 23.7 days faster than their slow-growth counterparts.

What’s inside the report?

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2016 Staffing
Sales & Marketing Communication Benchmarking Report

Here’s what you’ll learn in the report:
  • How the fastest-growing staffing firms communicate differently
  • Industry average close rates and days-to-close
  • What software the leading firms use to grow faster

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