2018 Staffing Industry Benchmarking Report: State of Staffing Industry Growth [Webinar]

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Staffing Industry Executive Benchmarking Report:

State of Staffing Industry Growth Webinar

We’ll shed light on the tools and tactics used by the fastest growing staffing firms, and break down specific strategies used by some of the top companies.

Now available on-demand!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How fast-growth staffing firms use technology to grow faster
  • How your staffing firm’s cost-per-hire compares to the industry average
  • Which communication channels are most effective for reaching talent
  • How text messaging has changed recruiter communication
  • How your staffing firm’s close rates and days-to-close compare to industry averages
  • What lead sources are most valuable for the fastest-growing staffing firms

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Dave Folwell

President, Staffing Hub