2019 Staffing Industry Benchmarking Report: State of Staffing Industry Growth [Webinar]

Staffing Industry Executive Benchmarking Report:

State of Staffing Industry Growth Webinar

We’ll shed light on the tools and tactics used by the fastest-growing staffing firms and break down specific strategies used by some of the top companies.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How fast-growth staffing firms build smarter tech stacks
  • Which lead sources yield the highest ROI
  • Which outreach strategies are most effective for growing your pipeline
  • How text messaging has elevated recruiter communication
  • Which ATS is the industry leader
  • How referral management software proliferation is accelerating
  • Which industry resources and conferences guide today’s industry thought leaders

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Dave Folwell

President, StaffingHub

Caitlin Delohery

Editor-in-Chief, StaffingHub