Developing Your Action Plan (Traction EOS) – Sejal Shah

StaffingHub Live 2019
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Developing Your Action Plan (Traction EOS)


Sejal Shah, CEO, TotalMed

Sejal Shah has served as CEO of TotalMed since 2007. He seeks to create a simplified, transparent, accountable organization that promotes an open and honest environment. He believes that culture is a by-product of people and their core values. When these align, a team can march down a path together, driven by their purpose and passion.

There’s a reason TotalMed, the healthcare staffing powerhouse, has achieved 854% growth over the past 5 years. In this panel, Shah will discuss how Traction EOS has revolutionized the way TotalMed works.

You’ll learn how to build a system of accountability, action, and productivity to drive faster growth at your staffing firm.

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