job openings

The number of U.S. job openings has crept up to 6.2 million, the highest since the Department of Labor began tracking it. Simultaneously, the country has 7 million unemployed workers, but filling the open positions with people who need a job is a more complex process. There are two key issues. Employers say they cannot find qualified candidates or that current employees are not dedicated, while workers say jobs do not pay enough, according to the NFIB Small Business survey. To solve this problem, employers can increase salaries and provide more training. Some have also opted to automate open positions using robots, especially in sectors where willing human workers are hard to find. Hiring immigrant workers is another option, unless the government puts forth its plan to reduce immigration.    

Recruiters should note that while vacancies are still increasing, the supply of qualified talent is not growing at the same rate, according to an analyst from the Lindsey Group.

Source: The Washington Post, There are 7 million unemployed and 6.2 million job openings. What’s the problem?