Randstad today announced a new executive leadership team. The change will take place on January 1, 2023.

Here is the new team:

  • Chris Heutink will be the COO, focused on driving business performance and ensuring consistency of the talent and client experience.
  • Michael Smith will be the Chief Executive of Randstad Enterprise Solutions, focused on client relationships.
  • Karen Fichuk will lead Randstad Technologies, focused on  delivering specialist technology expertise, solutions, and talent to clients worldwide.
  • Marc-Etienne Julien will be the Chief Talent Officer, focused on attracting global talent.
  • Jesus Echevarria will be the Chief Client Delivery Officer, focused on evolving the company’s client offerings.
  • Henry Schirmer, Chief Financial Officer; Myriam Beatove Moreale, Chief Human Resources Officer; Martin de Weerdt, Chief Information Officer; and Joanna Irwin, Chief Marketing Officer will all remain in their roles.
  • Rebecca Henderson, CEO of Global Business, will retire on April 1, 2023, to focus on supporting and creating strong female entrepreneurs and leaders.

The staffing giant is also creating four regional market groups:

  • Northern Europe will be led by Dominique Hermans.
  • Southern Europe and Latin America will be led by Jorge Vazquez.
  • North America will continue to be led by Karen Fichuk.
  • Asia Pacific will continue to be led by Chris Heutink.

Sander van ‘t Noordende, Chief Executive Officer, commented: “When I began as CEO of Randstad this year, it was clear that the world of work is rapidly changing and we needed to address three key challenges. First, scarcity has put talent firmly in the lead. Second, securing the right talent is the number one priority of our clients. And third, our industry is digitizing at speed. With this new Executive Leadership Team we are taking a first critical step in addressing these challenges at scale, ensuring Randstad remains a strategic partner for its clients and becomes a partner of choice for global talent.”