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Our top articles for May include the latest episodes of The Staffing Show, a look at how employees are driving AI use at work, and an exploration of gig staffing in the restaurant industry.

#1. Harnessing Technology in Staffing with Lauren Jones and Rob Mann

In this episode of The Staffing Show, Lauren Jones of Leap Advisory Partners and Rob Mann of Newbury partners cover the use of AI in staffing, sales strategies, and technology optimization. They also discuss the partnership between Leap and Newbury and how the companies complement one another.

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#2. Nonfarm Payroll Adds 175,000 Jobs in April, Temp Help Loses 16,000: BLS Jobs Report

The most recent BLS jobs report found that 175,000 jobs were added to nonfarm payroll in April. This is less than the 315,000 added the previous month. Healthcare led job growth with an addition of 56,000 jobs in April, and the unemployment rate increased to 3.9%.

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#3. Employees Driving AI Use at Work: 2024 Work Trend Index

Employees are getting comfortable with using AI in the workplace, according to the 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report from Microsoft and LinkedIn. The report found that three out of four knowledge workers are using AI at work, and almost half (46%) just began using it within the past six months. Of those that use AI, employees report benefits such as time savings (90%) and the ability to focus on more important tasks (85%).

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#4. Intentionally Leaning on Value for Growth with Adam Sprecher

This episode of The Staffing Show features Adam Sprecher, a seasoned veteran of the staffing industry, who discusses industry trends and growth strategies for staffing companies. He also highlights common mistakes staffing agencies make during turmoil and the importance of incorporating feedback.

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#5. How Restaurants Can Get into Gig Staffing the Right Way

George Lessmeister, CEO and founder of LGC Hospitality details gig employment in the restaurant industry, covering the three main sources for gig staffing and the various pros and potential pitfalls associated with them. He also goes over important factors to consider when choosing a staffing partner, such as how long the company has been in business as well as their experience with the restaurant industry.

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