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Our top articles from November include an interview with Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group, an overview of Forbes’ Top Female-Friendly Companies, and a look at why older Americans are “unretiring.”

#1. All-Time High 4.4 Million Workers Quit in September

BLS data showed a new peak in The Great Resignation when 4.4 million workers left their jobs in September. Despite the high quit rate, there was a net employment gain of 5.6 million.

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#2. Joe Mullings, CEO of The Mullings Group, on the Great Resignation and the Future of Staffing

Joe Mullings, chairman and CEO of The Mullings Group, joined The Staffing Show to talk about the lessons he’s learned through his 30 years in the staffing industry. Highlights include his take on the Great Resignation as well as the impacts of WFX positions.

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#3. Hershey, Southwest Airlines Top Forbes’s List of the World’s Most Female-Friendly Companies

These companies, with Hershey leading the way, are focusing on promoting and supporting women in the age of the talent shortage.

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#4. What Candidates Want From the Hiring Process

This article highlights some tips for encouraging top candidates to complete the hiring process, including providing more information upfront, creating a faster and easier application process, and providing communication and feedback during the process.

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#5. New Trend Among Older Americans: “Unretiring”

After the pandemic caused about 3 million workers to retire early, some are coming back to the workforce. MarketWatch reports that over 2.5% of retired workers returned to the workforce in October 2021.

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