TOP 5 Business team hands at work with financial reports and a laptop

As we head into the final month of the year, here’s your chance to read up on industry news with our top articles from November. 

#1. Staffing Executives Share Their Companies’ Diversity & Inclusion Strategies

To supplement our Diversity & Inclusion in the Staffing Industry Report, here are some words of wisdom from staffing executives on developing diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

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#2. As Remote Work Rises and Demands Shift, Here’s What Matters Most to Employees

The pandemic changed what’s most important to employees, especially for women and parents. From flexible work options to career development opportunities, learn how businesses can better support workers during this challenging time and beyond. 

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#3. Rich Smith, VP and Co-Founder of Atlas MedStaff, on How One ER Travel Nurse Changed His Life

In this podcast episode, Rich Smith, Vice President and Co-Founder of Atlas MedStaff, shares some insight into supporting frontline travel nurses, breaking free from the 8 to 5 schedule, and what’s next for the staffing industry.

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#4. 5 Can’t-Miss New Staffing Trade Publications

If you need to catch up on industry research and thought leadership, these trade publications are well worth a read. 

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#5. Job Gains Slow, but Unemployment Shrinking: October Jobs Report

With 638,000 additional nonfarm jobs and an unemployment rate of 6.9%, the US job market is steadily improving. But there are still gaps, challenges, and uncertainties to overcome.

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