5 Reasons to Outsource Skilled Labor in 2022

Steady Install explains major benefits of outsourcing staffing on furniture installation projects

PHOENIX — Dec. 14, 2021 — Steady Install, a unique staffing platform that connects independently contracted installers and movers with commercial and office furniture projects, understands the importance of adequately staffing a project in today’s work environment. With a shortage of skilled laborers in the traditional workforce, outsourcing staffing efforts provides numerous benefits for companies looking for quality candidates for their installation projects.

“Finding top-notch workers in the furniture installation industry can be difficult because the applicant pool is broad but limited,” said Ben Bottner, co-founder and CEO of Steady Install. “At Steady Install, we utilize our platform to connect furniture installation companies with contracted workers that are dependable and equipped to handle the project. The new workforce environment, especially after the pandemic, is volatile. Keeping internal payroll low and flexing up on an as needed basis is crucial for labor-intensive service businesses to be profitable. Traditional channels for staffing projects are no longer sufficient in today’s non-traditional era, and our technology helps companies put together the best team for each project.”

There are various benefits for outsourcing staffing needs to companies that understand the necessities of a project while understanding what is driving today’s skilled workforce. Bottner and the Steady Install team offer these reasons to consider outsourcing as an option for your furniture installation project.

  • Ability to hire candidates faster: If your furniture installation project needs to be completed quickly, there simply isn’t time to source installers yourself and complete the necessary vetting that must be done prior to any employment decisions. Utilizing a staffing platform expedites the process by removing the slew of emails, texts, or calls normally associated with a traditional staffing agency.
  • Improved workforce flexibility: Running an efficient furniture installation company can be difficult. Demand for services can change with the day, both in terms of the volume of work and level of experience required. When companies outsource staffing, they are hiring contracted workers, which allows them to increase and decrease staff depending on the workload without long-term financial commitment.
  • The quality of the worker is increased: When completing a furniture installation project, the quality of work is paramount. When opting to outsource, companies are accessing a better avenue to gain quality workers. Today’s technology allows workers to be vetted and placed in the proper category to ensure success for the project and team as a whole. Staffing platforms allow the workers to accept the projects they want to work on, which translates into increased morale and motivation on-site and an overall better product.
  • Creates opportunity for permanent employment: Building on the idea of quality candidates, if the independent contractor and installation company are a perfect fit, the company can hire the worker full-time. This not only creates a great partnership, but it also reduces the risk of the installation company hiring the wrong person for the job. Some staffing platforms, like Steady Install, now wave all placement fees and minimum required hours prior to offering employment.
  • Lowering Labor Costs: Hiring employees is expensive and making the wrong hire can make that cost go up even more. The reality of the installation industry is that every project is different, and the right crew for one project is not necessarily the right fit for another. A good staffing platform can allow you to customize the crew for each project based on location, required items, and experience needed to ensure you’re not overpaying for a less technical project and receiving the experience level required for a more technical project.

“Outsourcing staffing efforts is a win-win for the installation company and the independent contractors,” Bottner said. “For companies in search of skilled labor workers, inefficiency, cost and  experience problems can be solved through outsourcing. The candidates are dependable and want to find work. For workers, they can expect to earn higher wages and have the freedom to pick which projects they work on.

“At Steady Install, we are a one-stop shop for companies looking for quality workers by using our specialized platform to connect independent contractors with commercial and office furniture installation projects. Outsourcing staffing, when done correctly, creates more efficiency and happier workers while producing better quality of work.”

For more information about Steady Install, visit https://www.steadyinstall.com/.

About Steady Install
Launched in 2019, Steady Install is a specialized platform created to connect skilled workers with furniture installation projects. Using innovative software, Steady Install provides an all-in-one shop to post projects and find quality installers. Steady Install helps to keep projects moving forward at lower costs with professional, motivated, skilled on-demand workers who get to work on the projects they want for the pay they deserve. For more information, visit https://www.steadyinstall.com/.

Steady Install provided five reasons to outsource skilled labor in 2022.