Crelate Promotes Sarah Gossin to Vice President of Product & Delivery

Bothell, WA, October 30, 2023 – Crelate, a leading provider of staffing and recruitng software, announced today the  promotion of Sarah Gossin to Vice President of Product & Delivery. In this expanded role, Gossin will oversee all  aspects of Crelate’s product development and delivery as the company continues its rapid growth. 

Gossin first joined Crelate in 2019 as a Product Manager, bringing many years of experience in operations and  management from the staffing industry. Passionate about being able to bring her real-world experiences into the  product design of Crelate, Gossin immediately got to work building out Crelate’s back-office modules and was  instrumental in the successful launch of Crelate OMNI, allowing the company to expand into new markets. 

Over the past four years at Crelate, Gossin has taken on increasing responsibility and worn many hats – from Product  Manager to Director of Product to VP of Product and Delivery. She developed Crelate’s Early Adopter Program to  incorporate valuable customer feedback into products pre-launch. She also drove several customer-focused  initiatives, completing over 100 top-requested product features based on real-time customer feedback. 

Gossin led Crelate’s expansion from the executive search market into the staffing market by focusing efforts on critical  middle and back-office features. She created processes and best practices that enable the product team to operate  efficiently and collaborate across departments. She has been a trusted resource for the sales team, helping to close  and unblock deals. Under her leadership, Gossin has grown and promoted several team members into larger roles. 

“Sarah is a proven leader who understands how to deliver innovative products that solve real problems for our  customers,” said CEO Aaron Elder. “We’re excited to see her collaborate across teams and drive continued growth in  her new role.” 

“What I love most about my job is the ability to bring people together from different teams to solve big challenges for  our customers and company,” said Gossin. “Whether it’s collaborating with sales or working with existing customers, I  take pride in getting it done and moving our mission forward.” 

Gossin steps into her new role as VP Product & Delivery after serving as Director of Product since January 2022. She will continue expanding Crelate’s product suite to empower back-office teams with intuitive, purpose-built software. 

About Crelate 

Founded in 2012, Crelate is a fast, flexible recruitment platform for modern talent businesses— recruiting, staffing,  and consulting. With over 1,600 customers, Crelate enables staffing and recruiting agencies of any size to compete  with industry giants while preserving their unique processes and competitive advantages by integrating a powerful  and customizable ATS, Recruiting CRM, and back-office management. With an intuitive and flexible architecture, Crelate equips firms with the tools to make more placements, win more business, and seriously scale teams. 

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