Everest Group Report Shows How Avionté and SimpleVMS are Changing the Rules of Competition for Staffing and Contingent Workforce Management

Recent acquisition will transform the entire contingent talent acquisition process, bringing value to staffing firms, employers, and talent

BLOOMINGTON, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to a new Everest Group reportAvionté’s recent acquisition of SimpleVMS will significantly transform the contingent talent acquisition and management process, enhancing efficiencies and accelerating job requisition fulfillment. The report – Avionté Acquires SimpleVMS: Forging an End-to-end Integrated Platform for Contingent Talent Acquisition and Management – reveals that Avionté and SimpleVMS are changing the rules of competition for staffing and contingent workforce management.

“Avionté’s strategic acquisition of SimpleVMS will break down the barriers between VMS and staffing ATS technologies while delivering value to employers, staffing agencies, and talent,” wrote Krishna Charan, Vice President at Everest Group, and lead report author. “Moreover, it is likely to set new standards for collaboration, transparency, and efficiency in contingent talent acquisition and management, potentially strengthening its position as a market leader in the mid-market and clerical light industrial (CLI) spaces.”

SimpleVMS, AviontéBOLD, and Avionté 24/7 will have a much deeper two-way integration, delivering an edge over other partnerships in the market by providing clients with one-stop solutions. These include uninterrupted data flow across the entire ecosystem, facilitating real-time analytics, reporting, and dashboarding functionalities. The result is a comprehensive, streamlined, efficient, and transparent contingent talent acquisition and management experience.

“In the rapidly evolving staffing and contingent workforce market, demand is growing for a technology platform that offers a seamless experience across the supply chain of labor,” said Avionté CEO Rishabh Mehrotra. “The Everest Group report is a testament to Avionté’s leadership in addressing this need directly. Staffing agencies, employers, and talent alike benefit from our ability to integrate Avionté and SimpleVMS technologies to create an end-to-end staffing and recruiting platform.”

The first significant acquisition in North America that combines a staffing platform with a VMS solution, it strengthens Avionté’s position as an end-to-end VMS and staffing solution provider. As the first mover, it has the potential to influence market dynamics and the competitive landscape. The acquisition offers multiple benefits to key stakeholders:

  • For staffing firms, the combined ecosystem including VMS, ATS, and mobile-enabled talent marketplace, can reduce time delays, eliminate the extra effort associated with VMS interactions, and allow scaling of recruiting operations.
  • Employers and MSPs benefit from accelerated requisition fulfillment and enhanced staffing vendor responsiveness. The streamlined process empowers them to respond to workforce demands and improve hiring outcomes and operational agility.
  • Talent benefits from real-time visibility into available positions, consistent engagement with staffing firms, and a seamless job placement process.

Added SimpleVMS President Jason Oswald, “Through the acquisition, we are creating a seamless integration that will provide a competitive advantage for staffing agencies and employers, resulting in more strategic partnerships and efficient contingent workforce programs.”

Download a copy of the full report here.

About SimpleVMS

SimpleVMS is a vendor-neutral vendor management system (VMS) developed by staffing industry professionals to enhance the relationships between clients and their staffing partners. The cutting-edge platform delivers complete workforce visibility and streamlined workflows, providing everything from job order management to invoicing and analytics, paired with an integrated timekeeping solution. More than software, SimpleVMS provides the hands-on support that employers and agencies depend on to manage their variable labor programs. For more information, visit https://simplevms.com.

About Avionté

Avionté is a proven leader in enterprise staffing platforms, providing a comprehensive end-to-end, cloud-based technology solution designed for scalability and growth. Supporting over 1,800 staffing agencies across North America, the Avionté platform delivers a complete front and back-office, a robust mobile talent application, and a powerful VMS. With a single staffing platform, agencies can now manage the entire supply chain of labor, from employer to agency to talent and back. Learn more at https://www.avionte.com.