New research reveals talent acquisition leaders are turning to project-based outsourcing to meet immediate demands

Cleveland, OH (July 8, 2021) – After over a year of uncertainty and drastic shifts in workforce needs, talent acquisition teams are trying to support growth in a tightening labor market while also navigating their own capacity restraints. That’s according to new research from analyst firm Aptitude Research – commissioned by global provider of talent outsourcing and advisory services, AMS (formerly Alexander Mann Solutions).

The report, Project RPO: Solve short-term hiring challenges while creating long-term value – authored by Aptitude Research founder Madeline Laurano – explored the largest drivers, misperceptions and outcomes of project-based outsourcing (Project RPO). According to the research, with 40% of recruiting teams being downsized in 2020, 42% of survey respondents now cite needing help to face a hiring surge as the largest driver of using Project RPO.

“During times of uncertainty and disruption, Project RPO is a strategic business decision made to get the best team in place quickly to reinforce business objectives,” noted Madeline Laurano. “The research shows us that talent acquisition teams are recognizing that outsourcing isn’t only for long-term or complex engagements, and can provide tremendous flexibility to start and stop based on fluctuating business demands and hiring rquirements.”

While the HR and TA leaders surveyed noted Project RPO helps their teams tackle more immediate short-term needs, like the 75% that noted they were able to fill positions in under 30 days, they also recognized measurable long-term value like improved diversity and quality of hire.

“Last week’s jobs report made it clear that hiring will continue to accelerate in the U.S. and that organizations must utilize every lever possible to scale and enhance their talent acquisition function, especially in the short-term,” said Nicola Hancock, Managing Director, Americas, AMS. “Whether it’s filling entry level roles or specialized talent, Project RPO allows us to partner with companies looking to quickly increase their workforce, even those that don’t typically outsource, while also helping prepare them for long-term needs.”

The report findings, summarized in a ‘Digital Paper’ format by Madeline Laurano, can be found on the AMS Project RPO website.