Staffing Referrals Integrates with LaborEdge to Accelerate Candidate Sourcing and Boost Recruiter Productivity in Healthcare Staffing

New partnership between the #1 automated referral management (ARM) platform for the staffing industry and the leading healthcare ATS facilitates faster, easier talent acquisition.

DENVER, CO / ACCESWIRE / December 5, 2023 / Staffing Referrals, the #1 automated referral management (ARM) platform for the staffing industry, today announces its integration with the leading healthcare ATS, Nexus, powered by LaborEdge. This integration will accelerate candidate sourcing and boost recruiter productivity for healthcare staffing agencies by seamlessly syncing referral data in real time across their ARM and ATS platforms.

The integration enables Staffing Referrals and LaborEdge customers to:

  • Increase recruiter productivity by automatically inviting talent to join the referral program based on their ATS status
  • Create qualified referral leads in Nexus and notify recruiters in real time to ensure no referrals are missed
  • Automatically move candidates through the referral process based on ATS actions
  • Consistently nurture brand ambassadors to increase their engagement with the referral program

“In the extremely competitive healthcare staffing market, the winning agencies are the ones that can access a unique pool of qualified talent quickly and efficiently,” said Staffing Referrals President and CEO David Folwell. “The LaborEdge integration will put Staffing Referrals customers ahead of the curve by connecting them with healthcare professionals in real time, while also automating many of recruiters’ daily tasks.”

LaborEdge’s Director of Partnerships, Paul Benavides, contributed: “We are always looking ahead to anticipate our agency’s ever-changing healthcare staffing needs, and wherever there are gaps, we look for partners with demonstrated expertise and a commitment to customer success. Staffing Referrals brings new ideas and proven methods to transform an agency’s talent pool into a force multiplier. We are excited to offer this exciting new integration to our customers.”

Amare Medical Network is one of the companies poised to benefit from the integration. Arthur G. Hoopes, the healthcare staffing agency’s CEO, commented: “Already with Staffing Referrals, we’ve been able to build a unique talent pool, grow our referrals exponentially, and lower our sourcing costs. Now, the LaborEdge integration will make our recruiting process even more efficient by syncing our referral data across platforms, automatically inviting new talent to engage with our referral program, and making sure we never miss a referral lead.”

About Staffing Referrals

As the #1 automated referral management (ARM) platform, Staffing Referrals helps agencies turn their talent pool into a competitive advantage. Founded in 2017, the staffing software elevates the candidate experience, reduces agency dependency on job boards, and eliminates administrative workload. Staffing Referrals is integrated with leading applicant tracking systems (ATSs) including Bullhorn, Avionté, TargetRecruit, JobDiva, and LaborEdge.

To learn more about Staffing Referrals and to request a demo of the software, visit

About LaborEdge

LaborEdge is a leading technology provider in the Healthcare Staffing industry. Nexus, the leading healthcare-specific ATS, enables you to successfully find and attract the best healthcare talent, while significantly reducing the time and effort it takes to rapidly submit, credential, and place that talent. No matter the size or the location, agencies that rely on Nexus enjoy an enterprise solution that improves communication and automates workflows. Nexus is a one-stop technology engine that flawlessly marries the best practices of healthcare staffing with the features and expertise of key partners such as Staffing Referrals.