Synchronized Solutions Announces a Bigger, Bolder Brand Identity

New name, Syncx, and visual identity embody the company’s mission to build a more sustainable, democratized healthcare marketplace

May 17, 2023  [Atlanta, GA] – Synchronized Solutions today unveiled its new brand identity, including a new name, logo, and website, which encapsulates the company’s forward-thinking innovation and focus on disrupting the antiquated healthcare staffing process. The new name, Syncx, and visual identity are a bold reflection of the company’s vision: to transform the healthcare staffing ecosystem and improve physician coverage, especially for communities in highest need, beginning with locum tenens.

“In an industry where it’s easy to get lost in a sea of sameness, Synchronized Solutions is laser-focused on being different and disruptive. We are excited for our new name – Syncx – and visual identity which better reflects our vision,” said Melissa Byington, CEO, Syncx. “Our name is derived from the word synchronized, which means to cause to operate exactly together. We’ve assembled a team of industry veterans, engaged clients, and agency experts who operate together with a passion for ditching the status quo and who are invested in building something new that will increase visibility and promote faster placements, which we believe will lead to reduced healthcare costs and greater support for patient care.”

The new brand is also a reflection of the steps Syncx has taken to create a centralized platform where all parties –  agencies, physicians, department level contacts and in-house recruiters –  can easily and intuitively manage every aspect of the locums staffing process. This seamless connection is powered by next-gen technology and unparalleled industry expertise.

Disrupting healthcare staffing means taking a democratized, inclusive approach where small, women- and minority- owned businesses can find equal access to a free market.

“We’re dedicated to right-sizing the way locums staffing is executed, so clients can confidently obtain the coverage they need and gain access to the very best candidates through agencies who specialize in the hardest to fill specialties,” added Byington.

Healthcare staffing to the power of X

Along with a new brand identity, Syncx has also crystallized its solution and staffing components. These digitally integrated workforce management offerings include:

  • Syncx MSP. Custom workforce management for agency locum tenens, offering a single contract, streamlined rates, greater account visibility, and comprehensive support to keep pace with staffing demands and free up in-house recruiters, and department level decision makers to focus on strategic priorities.

  • Syncx Perm ATS. In-house health system recruiters can more quickly and easily locate and place permanent physicians into open roles, increasing candidate visibility while simplifying the recruiting process. Integrating seamlessly with other Syncx tools, it also lets healthcare organizations optimize staffing management within a unified system, for faster time to fill, better fill rates, and a better candidate experience.

  • Syncx Float Pool. Timely, cost-effective internal locums management that lets healthcare organizations more easily identify and engage their known providers for open roles. Without the need for agency intervention, organizations can create a more flexible workforce, gain provider attention, and better control locums spend.

The Syncx brand launch culminates with a fully updated website,, where staffing agencies, health systems, and providers can access more detailed information on the company’s unique approach to talent fulfillment.

About Syncx

Syncx reimagines healthcare staffing, with a cutting-edge, proprietary workforce management solution that centralizes recruiting control and delivers a superior customer experience. We provide crucial services to support talent demand, backed by extensive industry expertise and an unwavering commitment to client success. As a pioneering staffing partner and inclusive advocate, we build relationships that connect health systems, agencies, and providers during the locum and perm staffing process, for a seamless experience that mitigates costs, increases candidate access, and affords real-time, transparent visibility into key performance metrics. Ready for a new perspective on healthcare staffing and locum recruiting? Visit to learn more.