WorkLLama Welcomes Dr. Hallie Bregman to Advisory Board

Bregman brings experience designing innovative, data-driven, and inclusive talent strategies to WorkLLama

Alpharetta, Ga. – Feb. 23, 2022 – WorkLLama welcomes Hallie Bregman, PhD, to its Advisory Board. Bregman is an accomplished talent leader with deep experience in high growth technology startups. She has expertise building inclusive practices and designing innovative, data-driven talent strategies. Bregman joins Mike Hawkins and Michael Linton on the Board.

“WorkLLama is constantly innovating and pushing the edge as we help our customers source, engage, and retain top talent, which are top priorities in today’s tight labor market,” said WorkLLama CEO Sudhakar Maruvada. “We are thrilled to welcome Bregman, who brings a unique combination of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and product expertise, to our Advisory Board. She has a strong understanding of product and feature development, while also bridging the gap between technical and non-technical aspects of running a business. With experience across functions, she considers the business holistically, taking both a high-level positioning and granular product perspective. She does so with an inclusive lens at all times.”

Currently serving as VP, People at CUUP, a consumer fashion startup, Bregman is an accomplished talent leader, passionate about culture and innovation. Her experience includes working closely with innovative technology startups, such as Wayfair, Toast and PTC, to implement DEI initiatives, overhaul operational technology stacks and drive programs to enhance digital literacy throughout the organization. 

She is recognized as a visionary in crafting full-funnel data solutions and leveraging innovative technology, designed to support company mission and culture via automation, skill-building, and cross-functional partnerships. Bregman is committed to building exemplary and personalized employee experiences, while pushing the boundaries of best practices as a trailblazer. 

“HR technology is one of my passions, and I was immediately attracted to WorkLLama’s fascinating solution,” said Bregman. “WorkLLama initially approached me with an interest in my expertise in DEI and how that could be applied to product development. Our relationship has expanded to include enterprise customer positioning, introductions, and competitive market landscape. I look forward to leveraging my enterprise and people practitioner perspective and my understanding of HR systems technicalities as I partner with WorkLLama.” 

Prior to establishing herself in the talent space, Bregman held roles in data science, marketing, and product, where she developed a comprehensive understanding of technology, brand positioning, and product development. Her experiences across business functions give her a holistic perspective and elevate her contributions as a talent leader and advisor. She advises several startups on their HR tech growth journey, and is the owner and CEO of The Bregman Group, LLC.  

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Hallie Bregman