Young professional at job interview

Everyone is trying to figure out Millennials. For every article that describes them as entitled or narcissistic, there are others that highlight them as innovators and leaders. But no one can argue with their importance — Millennials are the majority of the workforce. The best recruiters know that they need to tap into the influence of this powerful generation to be one step ahead of competitors.

Modern recruitment techniques attract Generation Y talent. What are some savvy ways to speak Millennial that can step up your recruitment game?

Be smartphone from the start

Millennials are inseparable from their phones. By day, Millennials use their phones to network, communicate with friends, and chase Pokemon. At night, they tuck their phones under their pillows to monitor their sleep habits.

They’re also using their phones to find and apply for jobs. Highly effective recruiters know that texting is often their communication of choice (and convenience). When you text, you can feel secure that 98% of the time Millennials have received their messages.

Be a social media butterfly

90% of adults ages 19-29 use social media. They’re tweeting, InMailing, and posting multiple times a day. Candidates are researching people and businesses online and, if they like what they see, are engaging and responding. Over 40% of recruiters say using social media improves the quantity and quality of applicants. Contact candidates on LinkedIn, showcase your company on Facebook, and post jobs on Twitter.

Get personable

A Millennial knows to look past a well-honed sales pitch to see if the beliefs of a company match theirs. Millennials want authentic relationships, even with their recruiters. Build rapport that includes friendly chit chat along with discussion of career interests and goals.

Point out potential

Millennials are twice as likely to value career growth over salary.  Help them see how you’re getting them closer to a leadership role. Emphasize a job’s opportunities. Discuss the potential for growth within the company and how the position is a worthy next step in their career.

Be in touch

Millennials are passive candidates even if they’re happy with their current job. Say hello, reach out, and invite them to events. Keep them on your radar and they’ll keep you in mind.

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