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Your MSP Needs an Easier VMS Solution!

As an MSP, or a staffing agency with an MSP program, it’s your job to help your clients better manage their contingent workforce and staffing agencies. To do this, you need the right vendor management system (VMS) in place. 

MSPs simply cannot offer their services without also recommending a VMS solution to their clients. 

The problem is, when it comes to your smaller volume clients, the large VMS players on the market are just too much. 

These vendor management systems are typically built for enterprise companies with huge externally-sourced workforces. They offer incredibly broad and complex functionalities that distract small spend clients from what truly matters – gaining visibility of their contingent workforce.

Your clients shouldn’t have to deal with the complexities, high prices, frustration and long implementation processes that come with these larger VMS providers. 

That’s why we’ve created this ebook, which serves as the ultimate guide on how MSPs and staffing agencies can benefit from an easier VMS solution for clients with smaller volume contingent workforce budgets.

In this ebook, you will learn:

  • What a VMS solution is
  • Why MSPs, and staffing agencies with MSP programs, need VMS software
  • Why simplicity should be a focus when choosing a preferred VMS partner
  • How much VMS software costs
  • What the innovative Conexis VMS software is, and why it has been designed specifically to better serve small volume clients.

The right strategic partnership will ensure your MSP is able to offer small volume clients a technology that focuses on a cost-effective, simplified and easier-to-use vendor management system that makes their entire contingent workforce program easier and more effective to manage.

By partnering with the right preferred VMS vendor, your clients will gain complete visibility and control over the externally-sourced workforce with an easier VMS platform that cuts out friction and ramps up ROI.