[Report] 2020 Staffing and Recruiting Challenges Report

Report Sponsored by Avionté

2020 was arguably the most challenging year in recent history. The economy came to a screeching halt due to global pandemic lockdowns, returning to work became a political and public health issue, and the unemployed talent pool had many reasons to remain at home rather than seeking work. Staffing firms were forced to pivot every aspect of their businesses to keep up with the ever-changing times.

Because 2020 felt like an endless uphill battle, Avionté created the 2020 Staffing and Recruiting Challenges Report. The goal of this report is to provide insight into the challenges the industry is facing to validate your concerns and make you feel less alone in a year where loneliness became the new norm. Avionté released a 2019 version of this report, and we are excited to release the 2020 update to provide a year-over-year comparison. The 2020 Staffing and Recruiting Challenges Report was built on a survey feedback of more than 1,200 staffing professionals from various locations and verticals to uncover precisely the challenges they are facing in their businesses today. This report will unveil what staffing professionals are struggling with most and what they foresee as major opportunities as we enter 2021.

Survey respondents ranged in roles, segments, and sizes across the staffing industry. We uncovered a long list of challenges facing staffing professionals today, including two clear front-runners that nearly every firm cited as a leading challenge for their organization in 2020.