Soft power skills symbols as concept of new skill, reskilling and upskilling

Soft skills are in high demand, according to new survey data from Business Name Generator. The vast majority (81%) of employees and managers believe new hires must possess soft skills, and 71% of employees believe these skills will be just as important or more important in the future.

Companies continue to embrace new technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), and they need a workforce with digital skills. The survey found that top reasons for using AI are to improve existing processes and increase efficiency (21%), to improve customer service (20%), to improve the productivity of employees (18%), and to generate new ideas, products, or services (18%). More than one-third of companies provide digital skills training.

At the same time, businesses also need employees with the soft skills that AI can’t provide, like communication, problem-solving, time management, and critical thinking. Many companies are helping employees expand these skill sets through training, especially for the most crucial soft skills of communication and problem-solving.

Overall, the results suggest that for companies to grow and thrive into the future, they will need to nurture the development of both hard and soft skills in their workforce.