Artificial Intelligence Robot Recruiting African Job Candidate

A new report from Dexian highlights how both workers and employers are navigating key trends in the workplace, including the use of AI in hiring and the need for upskilling/reskilling to stay competitive in the job market.

Based on a survey of 2,000 workers and 1,325 HR decision-makers, the “Work Futures: Trends Impacting 2024” report begins with a look at technology — more specifically, the impact of AI. While hiring teams are increasingly relying on technology, six in 10 employers aren’t really sure what role AI should play in the hiring process. 

But employees may have some answers — the majority of workers (72%) believe employers rely too much on technology and AI in the hiring process, and only 24% believe AI should be used in reviewing resumes and applications. This emphasizes the importance of balancing tech use with human-driven interactions throughout the hiring process.

For employees, technology is also creating challenges with career planning and progression. Three in four workers feel the pressure to keep reinventing themselves or reskilling because of how quickly things are changing in their field. The rapid pace of technological change has made it challenging for 59% of workers to plan for future careers and 49% to progress in their current careers.

In addition, the report found that full-time employment is losing its appeal for 62% of workers. Most workers (78%) express a preference for employers who offer a full range of employment options, including full-time, part-time, temporary, contract, and gig arrangements. However, 28% of employers do not have a formalized method for determining the optimal mix of full-time employees and alternative talent arrangements.