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Talent teams face continued pressure and challenges due to the pandemic as well as the Great Resignation. According to Phenom’s State of Candidate Experience 2022 Report, digital candidate experiences can provide insights into the best ways for companies to grow talent pools by tuning into the selective nature of job seekers.

Phenom audited the digital candidate experiences of Fortune 500 companies as well as the top 100 European organizations from the Fortune Global 500 to assess attraction, engagement, and conversion. They also looked at the companies’ use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Most Fortune 500 companies excel in the following categories: large market awareness of open roles (70%), captivating content (60%), and helpful navigation (77%). On the other hand, this group faces the following challenges: struggled with social (86%), lacked personalization (88%), and left out tech (87%). In addition, a vast majority (91%) score poorly in leveraging AI. 

When it comes to attraction, only 10% of career sites have an intuitive job search and apply process, requiring fewer than three clicks to apply. On a positive note, almost all (94%) Fortune 500 companies remove expired jobs from their career site and job aggregates. 

Engagement also presents some areas in need of improvement. For example, 84% of career sites don’t present job recommendations based on a candidate’s profile, and 89% don’t display recently viewed jobs. On positive notes, 85% of Fortune 500 career sites have well-written job descriptions, and 60% use video content.

Where conversion is concerned, only 4% of the Fortune 500 “gray out” disabled fields during the application process, and a mere 1% communicate application status to the candidate after the initial email confirming submission. On the other hand, just under three quarters (72%) provide single sign-on for returning users, and slightly more than three quarters (77%) are easy to navigate.