Group of diverse people stacking hands in the middle

Staffing agency Randstad again made DiversityInc’s list of Top 50 Companies for Diversity this year, alongside companies in finance, healthcare, technology, and several other industries. To determine its annual ranking, DiversityInc surveys companies with 750+ US employees, giving all participating companies a report card on their diversity and inclusion performance. 

Randstad jumped up to #21 spot this year after coming in at #30 in 2021.The company appeared on several specialty lists, too, including “Top Companies for Black Executives” (#5), “Top Companies for People with Disabilities (#5), and “Top Companies for Veterans” (#6). 

“Belonging is at the heart of our culture,” the company stated. “We leverage our collective passion for people to continuously transform our culture, business, communities, and society.” 

Accenture, Mastercard, and Abbott claimed the top three spots this year, while Hilton, which held the top spot in 2021, entered into the Top 50 Hall of Fame.

IT company Accenture not only ascended to the front of the overall list, but was also #1 on three specialty lists — “Top Companies for Board of Directors,” “Top Companies for Asian American Executives,” and “Top Companies for Native American/Pacific Islander”. The company believes DEI initiatives should start at the top and has demonstrated this by building a board of directors that consists of 60% racially and ethnically diverse leaders and 50% women leaders. 

“I feel accountable for the experiences our people have,” said Jimmy Etheredge, CEO of Accenture. “Inclusion is about enabling everyone to be their authentic selves and fully contribute as valued team members. When we do that, it has a powerful compounding effect.”