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The healthcare system continues to face challenges. “Next in Health Services,” from PwC, identifies four big problems plaguing the industry:

  • Siloed care
  • Poor coordination
  • Too much waste
  • Elusive equity

The report focuses on how organizations can solve these problems through connected health ecosystems, i.e., bringing stakeholders (including patients) together in pursuit of shared health goals.

One of the key pillars is investing in talent. PwC notes that nearly half of business executives say the labor shortage is the biggest risk to achieving their growth targets. In healthcare, burnout and retirements have exacerbated an existing problem – healthcare employment grew less than 0.5% last year, and hospitals in all 50 states have reported critical staffing shortages this year.

PwC recommends healthcare leaders take three steps:

  1. Reimagine the employee experience to include more mobility and flexibility
  2. Consider cross-organizational programs to increase accessibility to workforce skills and knowledge
  3. Reassess compensation packages to make sure they’re competitive

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