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Data analytics, machine learning, and generative AI modeling are among the top in-demand skills for 2024, according to Upwork. The AI and machine learning category saw 70% growth in demand year over year in Q4.

The company’s latest research reveals that businesses are looking to freelancers to fill technical talent gaps. “In 2024, emergent technologies like generative AI are having a major impact on the skills-based economy. Of course business demand for these types of skills is increasing, but we’re also seeing a complementary impact, whereby AI technology is driving greater demand for all types of work across our marketplace,” Kelly Monahan, managing director of the Upwork Research Institute, said in a press release.

Here are the top 3 most in-demand and fastest-growing skills in each category Upwork assessed.

Data science & analytics

  • Most in-demand skills: Data analytics, machine learning, data visualization
  • Fastest-growing skills: Generative AI modeling, machine learning, data analytics

Coding & web development

  • Most in-demand skills: Full stack development, front-end development web design
  • Fastest-growing skills: Scripting and automation, database development, web design

Sales & marketing

  • Most in-demand skills: Social media marketing, SEO, sales and business development
  • Fastest-growing skills: Marketing automation, sales and business development, email marketing

Accounting & consulting

  • Most in-demand skills: Accounting, bookkeeping, recruiting and talent sourcing
  • Fastest-growing skills: Personal coaching, financial management/CFO, bookkeeping

Customer service & admin support

  • Most in-demand skills: General virtual assistance, data entry, digital project management
  • Fastest-growing skills: Business project management, medical virtual assistance, supply chain and logistics project management

Design & creative

  • Most in-demand skills: Graphic design, video editing, presentation design
  • Fastest-growing skills: Packaging design, music production, videography