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The tech boom has changed the model of work and the workplace. It’s not yet a total takeover, but it’s only a matter of time. A new report from Gallup reveals three reasons why:

Millennials: More than 20% of Millennials changed jobs last year, which is three times more than the non-Millennials who made the switch. While they are just as satisfied with their jobs as other generations, they are less engaged. Engagement is something they value higher than whatever benefits and pay scale a job may offer. Opportunities to learn and grow in a position are extremely important to Millennials, and if these are not fulfilled or available, companies may see high Millennial turnover.

Artificial Intelligence: AI and automation are predicted to take over many positions currently held by people. Millennial jobs are the most vulnerable to automation, with about 4 out of 10 Millennial positions being at high risk of replacement.  

Continuous Workplace Forecasting: Companies now need to strategize workforce management and planning instead of just reacting to the changing landscape. Many companies do this by collecting and monitoring socioeconomic and workforce data. Baby boomers are retiring later, which means an increasing number of workers over 65 are still in the workforce. As social constructs and demographics change in the world, the workplace as we know it will need to keep up in order for companies to survive.

Recruiters can keep on top of these trends by understanding the needs of their Millennial candidates and knowing what automation and technology plans their clients have for their companies.

Source: Gallup, 3 Trends That Will Disrupt Your Workplace Forever