A well-defined sense of purpose and opportunities for growth are the two most important aspects of workplace culture, according to a new survey of 10,000 employees in 12 countries. Here’s the complete list:

  1. Purpose: The majority of employees say their organization’s purpose motivates them.
  2. Opportunities: Not relegated to promotions, employees value organizations that help them learn and grow.
  3. Success: Employees need to feel successful.
  4. Appreciation: The majority of employees don’t feel appreciated by their employers.
  5. Wellbeing: Employees want to feel like their employers value their entire selves, not just their productivity.
  6. Leadership: Employees value good leaders who help them to succeed.

Recruiters can take note of these hallmarks of a great culture and encourage clients to develop these aspects to woo top talent.

Source: O.C. Tanner Institute, The 6 Aspects of Workplace Culture Employees Care About Most