The majority of US employees (71%) are looking to change employers, according to a report by Mental Health America and the Faas Foundation. In a survey of 17,000 workers across 19 industries, the majority reported being unhappy with their job. The top reasons cited were:

  • 70% say their company has unrealistic workload expectations
  • 66% say their coworkers do not give them enough support
  • 64% say their supervisors do not give them enough support
  • 63% say that work stress affects their mental health
  • 45% say they aren’t paid what they deserve
  • 44% believe they are always or often overlooked

The healthiest sectors are:

  • Healthcare
  • Nonprofits
  • Financial sector

The unhealthiest sectors are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Food and beverage

Though it’s a troublesome report on the state of the US workforce, it does bode well for recruiters. You and your team might just have the jobs that will help improve employees’ lives.

Source: Mental Health America, Mind the Workplace