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Job opportunities are on the rise, and many employees could find their next role within their current company. According to a new report by Randstad RiseSmart, a large majority (92%) of employers plan to hire within the next three months, and most (87%) believe that at least 10% of their current job openings can be filled internally.

Randstad RiseSmart’s Q2 2021 “Career Mobility Outlook” survey found that a significant shift took place from Q1 as more employees became open to switching jobs. More than 4 in 10 (42%) employees said they are likely to move into a different role in their current company, up 19% from Q1. An increasing number of employees (38%) also said they were likely to make an external career move in the upcoming months, up from 17% in Q1.

This changing landscape has prompted organizations to implement employee retention strategies as well as career development initiatives. Just over three-quarters (76%) of employers reported they offer skilling and career development opportunities. 60% of employees have a positive perception of such offerings at their current company. 

Managers are also becoming more open to sharing talent. Almost two-thirds (61%) of employees reported a positive outlook on their manager’s openness to internal mobility within their organizations, up from just over half (51%) in the first quarter.

Dan Davenport, CEO at Randstad RiseSmart, commented: “Due to the high cost and overall difficulty of recruiting in today’s labor market, organizations are recognizing the numerous benefits internal mobility can offer, including decreasing recruitment and onboarding costs and building a more engaged, agile workforce that can better respond to evolving business needs.” He added that true internal mobility can be achieved by offering all employees equal access to career development opportunities as well as encouraging managers to embrace talent sharing.