More and more candidates are looking for jobs by searching for “no experience required” on Indeed, according to the job search website. Searches for jobs related to “hurricane relief” surged by 682%,

Here are more interesting job search trends in the United States:

  • “Tech/software” searches increased 467%.
  • “Cannabis/Marijuana” related job searches increased 401%.
  • Remote/work from home” searches increased by 385%.
  • Job searching by hashtags plummeted by 90%.

International search trends also gave insight into fluctuating markets:

  • Canda and Ireland saw over 100% rise in searches for remote jobs, too.
  • In the wake of Brexit, the UK saw a 243% increase in searches for overseas nursing programs.
  • In the Netherlands, searches for nursing positions dropped by 72%.
  • In France, searches for “happiness” on the job board rose 200%.

Recruiters staffing entry-level jobs can catch this wave of eager new workers by including “no experience required” in their job postings. Healthcare staffers may consider broadening their search to British and Dutch nurses who may be looking for a more nurse-friendly country.

Source: Indeed, The Year in Job Search: A Look at Trends Around the World in 2017