Job seekers and applicants waiting for interview on chairs in office. Job application and recruitment interview qualification concept.

A majority of job seekers (62.7%) are hopeful that they’ll find a job that matches their goals and skills in the next three months, according to Aerotek’s Summer 2023 Job-Seeker Survey. Only 10% are not hopeful, and the rest are neutral.

At the same time, 53.8% say the current economy and/or job market is the most significant barrier to their current job search, and 41.3% describe their financial situation as worse than it was a year ago.

Perhaps because of the economy, job security is becoming an increasingly important factor for job seekers, coming in just slightly behind pay and a positive and supportive company culture. Almost 1 in 5 (18%) survey respondents said that job security was the most important factor, up from 14.3% in the spring survey.

Meanwhile, the percentage of respondents employed full-time fell from 59% to 48% since the spring survey, those reporting being laid of nearly doubled (from 3.2% to 6.1%), and the percentage who are unemployed increased almost 2%.