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Our top articles for April include research showing an increase in the percentage of new hires that were recruited, a look at findings from the most recent State of Staffing Report, and the important things to keep in mind when navigating mergers and acquisitions. 

#1. A Formula for Staffing Agency IT Success: Part 2

This article from SmartSource is part 2 in a series that explores the relationship between staffing agencies and their IT providers, explaining what’s needed to achieve nationwide deployment and dedicated support. Nationwide deployment manifests in a rollout of solutions over a geographic region, which include placement of distribution hubs as well as a constructed system for shipping, scheduling, and tracking. Dedicated support includes IT assistance 24/7 as well as a security operations center to respond to potential data breaches. 

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#2. Nearly Half of Recent Hires Were Actively Recruited: ZipRecruiter

The results of ZipRecruiter’s Q1 2024 Survey of New Hires revealed that the portion of new hires that were actively recruited jumped to 46% in the first quarter of 2024, compared to 34% in Q4 2023. Results also indicated that hiring speed was fast, with 48% of recent hires receiving an application response within three days. That being said, the percentage actually hired was less than half (46%) compared to 60% in Q4 2023.

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#3. The 2024 State of Staffing Report Is Here!

The results from the State of Staffing report are now available, highlighting revenue growth, challenges, technology adoption, and more. Although more than 40% of respondents said their business didn’t have any growth last year, 35% were able to grow by 11% or more last year, and the majority expect a degree of growth in 2024. 

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#4. Empowering Workforce Flexibility with Tana Greene

Tana Greene of MyWorkChoice joined The Staffing Show to talk about how her company encourages flexibility and choice when it comes to managing and hiring the hourly workforce. She talks about how her company transitioned to a fully virtual setup and also delves into how companies can achieve more with fewer employees. She also touches on why flexible work has led more women into manufacturing.

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#5. Navigating M&A in Staffing: Trends, Strategies, and Long-Term Implications in 2024

Guest author Jeremy Bilsky of Advance Partners covers all things related to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the staffing industry. He touches on several reasons why he is predicting an increase in M&A activity in 2024, and he also gives a few best practices to use when navigating M&A transactions.

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