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Our top articles for July include a cheat sheet for the use of ChatGPT in staffing and recruiting, a look at ways staffing business owners can attract and retain top talent, and an article that highlights the struggle to keep diverse talent and offers solutions to this complex problem. 

#1. The Ultimate ChatGPT Cheat Sheet for Staffing and Recruiting

Guest author Andrew Kimmell, co-founder of Staffing Engine, writes about the transformative nature of AI, specifically ChatGPT. Learn about the types of tasks ChatGPT is best suited for in staffing, how to craft the best prompts, and how to provide feedback so the tool learns exactly what you’re looking for.

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#2. Ashley Andersen, SVP of ClearEdge Rising, on Helping Women Rise Up in Leadership Roles

This episode of The Staffing Show welcomed Ashley Andersen, SVP of ClearEdge Rising. Andersen talks about the leadership program that has been designed just for women, shares the benefits of being part of a connected community, and discusses vulnerability as a tool for building true connection.

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#3. Top Ways Staffing Business Owners Can Attract (and Keep) Top Talent

In this guest article, Amanda Gee, HR Coach at Paychex, shares advice for professional business leaders and HR managers to help their organizations stay competitive. Gee gives tips for keeping staff within the staffing world and touches on key actions leaders can take such as communicating, educating, and appreciating their talent.

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#4.  Decelerating Job Growth in Sight as Employment Trends Index Declines Again in June

This article covers recent findings from The Conference Board Employment Trends Index. The index fell again in June, suggesting a continuation of slow job growth. Job openings remain above pre-pandemic levels even though they have been trending downward the past year.

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#5. Diversity Initiatives Struggle, Gen Z Faces Barriers in Tech Industry: Wiley Edge

More than half (59%) of businesses are struggling to keep diverse talent, according to Wiley Edge’s 2023 Diversity in Tech report. This article provides tips for bridging the digital skills gap, specifically in relation to retaining members of the Gen Z workforce. Suggestions include making it easier for entry-level tech employees to land their first job as well as shedding formal education requirements.

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