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Our top articles for June include a guest article about the shift from a sales to marketing focus in the staffing industry, a guest piece on AI technology and its impact on the industry, and an overview of recent findings from FlexJobs on what’s driving workers to leave their jobs.

#1. Staffing Firms Face Seismic Shift From Sales Focus to Marketing Focus

Guest author Christopher Ryan explores the change that has taken place in the staffing industry due to a limited talent pool and candidates’ changing expectations. Today’s job seekers have more options than ever before, and they are looking to self-navigate their job search process, prompting a shift from a sales to marketing focus for staffing industries.

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#2. 5 Business Development Tips for a Changing Economy

Guest author Kim Henderson outlines steps staffing professionals can take during a possible economic downturn, such as adding value and educating clients, asking for referrals, and looking at current and former clients for unmet staffing needs. 

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#3. Managing Talent in a Post-AI World

This guest article discusses how emerging AI technology is poised to change the expectations placed on HR and organization leaders, as well as five steps toward managing talent more effectively in this new climate. 

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#4.  Leah Bourdon, VP of Talent at ALKU, on Specialized Staffing

This episode of The Staffing Show features Leah Bourdon of ALKU, who talks about how ALKU focuses on placing consultants in areas such as healthcare, IT, life sciences, technology, and government. She also touches on the reasoning behind the company’s hiring of entry-level talent.

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#5. 62% of Workers Have Either Recently Quit or Actively Want to Quit: FlexJobs

A recent FlexJobs survey reveals that 20% of workers recently quit their jobs and 42% are considering quitting. Respondents cited poor work-life balance (29%), low or unfair pay (28%), and toxic company culture (27%) as reasons for quitting. 

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