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Our top articles from March include strategies to reduce candidate drop-off, a look at why more than three in five professionals intend to look for a new job in 2022, and an update on job openings and separations. 

#1. 6 Ways to Reduce Candidate Drop-Off

This guest article highlights steps to take to reduce candidate drop-off. Certain tactics, such as automating the recruitment process and developing integrated partnerships, can put recruiters more in line with changing candidate mindsets.

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#2. Subscription Staffing: A Good Solution in the Tight Labor Market

This guest article discusses the benefits of subscription-based staffing services. Subscription staffing differs from traditional outsourcing in that it adds teammates for remote work on an ongoing basis. Also, the service provider bears most of the risk and quality control.

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#3. Why Are More Than 3 in 5 (66.7%) U.S. Professionals Intending to Look for a New Job in 2022 with Over Half Looking to Re-skill?

Top reasons Americans want to leave their jobs include a desire for better treatment at work and a lack of flexibility, among others. Regardless of their reasons for quitting, our guest author shares some helpful solutions that could persuade employees to stay put. 

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#4. Companies Plan to Hire Extensively, Shift More Work to Contingent Workforce: Randstad Sourceright

As part of efforts to address skill and labor gaps, more than half of companies plan to hire during the next year and just under three-quarters (71%) plan to shift more work to the project, contract, or contingent workforce. 

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#5. The Great Resignation Holds Steady at Beginning of New Year

The number of people leaving their jobs was slightly lower in January, with 151,000 less leaving compared to December 2021. On the last business day of January, there were 11.3 million open jobs, and net employment increased over the preceding twelve months.

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