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Our top articles for October include a look at how toxic culture is driving the nursing shortage, new Yoh research that shows 1 in 7 working Americans want to leave their job in the coming year, and a new Greenhouse report that showed lack of communication and a negative interview process are the biggest warning signs for candidates during the hiring process. 

#1. Toxic Culture Driving Nursing Shortage; Staffing Firms Have an Advantage: MIT Sloan Management Review

A new paper in the MIT Sloan Management Review shows that four factors have the biggest influence on nurses’ job satisfaction: compensation, workload, toxic culture, and organizational support. Coauthor Donald Sull highlights the significance of toxic culture, saying that among the nurses who did quit, toxic culture was over twice as predictive of their overall satisfaction compared to workload or compensation. 

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#2. 5 Ways to Make Remote Work Sustainable

Guest author Kim Henderson of Cobalt Compass Solutions explores the “tug of war” between employees and companies regarding remote work. She cites ways to make remote work sustainable for the long run, and provides solutions for common struggles that come along with remote or hybrid work.

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#3. 1 in 7 Employed Americans Want to Leave Their Job Within the Next Year, and Pay Is a Deciding Factor: Yoh

A survey from Yoh revealed that only 28% of American workers say they love their job and are unwilling to leave their employer for any reason. Job loyalty is more common in older employees, with 42% of those aged 55 or older expressing this sentiment as opposed to only 19% of workers between ages 18 and 34. More than a quarter (26%) of surveyed employees would only leave in the next year for a higher salary and/or better benefits.

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#4. Poor Communication, Negative Interview Experience Raise Red Flags for Candidates

Research from Greenhouse revealed the biggest warning signs for candidates during the higher process, including a lack of communication (70%) and a negative interview process (57%). Such red flags have caused 36% of job seekers to abandon the process completely. A negative interview experience includes things like discriminatory questions, which over one-third (34%) say they have been asked.

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#5. The Role of AI Frameworks in Enhancing Staffing and Recruiting Software

Bobby Bartlett, Director of Enterprise Accounts at TargetRecruit, explores the integration of advanced AI frameworks within staffing and recruiting software. He highlights the various tasks AI can assist with in recruitment platforms and discusses the ways AI can make recruitment communication more efficient, among other benefits.

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