Leading business-class text messaging platform welcomes customer service expert Abby Boyd

DENVER, CO, JULY 21, 2016 — TextUs announced today that Abby Boyd will be joining their team as the Customer Experience Lead. Her role will improve customer service to the 100 staffing firms that have chosen TextUs as their business-class text messaging provider.

Abby comes to TextUs with a wealth of relevant industry experience that will elevate the company’s client-facing services. She spent over four years as the Vice President of Hotel Logistics at Travelers Haven, which provides corporate and temporary housing solutions. There, she developed and managed hotel services teams and provided seamless temporary housing experiences for thousands of corporate travelers. She also helped to create Hotel Engine, the exclusive membership platform for the traveling workforce. She improved customer experience and expanded housing accessibility with an easy-to-use interface.

In joining the TextUs team, Abby will continue to create outstanding customer service experiences facilitated by smart technology. Abby will expand TextUs’ recent success. “I moved to TextUs because I saw how fast the company was growing. I kept hearing about the huge impact text messaging was having on recruiting and sales. When I learned TextUs signed 100 staffing firms in just a year, I knew I needed to be a part of their team.”

TextUs President Ted Guggenheim said: “We’re thrilled to have Abby join our team. As the fastest growing texting platform for staffing firms, we need top-level customer support. Abby’s relationships in the industry and her experience make her perfect for this role.

“We believe that fast, efficient, personal communication is the key to landing sales and sourcing top talent. TextUs makes it easy for our clients to connect with their customers, and Abby will make it that much easier for our clients to connect with us.”

About TextUs

Headquartered in Boulder, CO, TextUs is the leading business-class text messaging software built for staffing and recruiting teams. TextUs accelerates the recruiting process by helping recruiters connect with more candidates, leads, and opportunities.

With 8x times the response rate of email and phone calls, your recruiters will place more candidates faster by using TextUs.

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