Embracing Technology for an On-Demand Future with Justin Clarke

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    Embracing Technology for an On-Demand Future with Justin Clarke

    In today’s episode, David Folwell sits down with Justin Clarke, Founder and CEO of F|Staff, to discuss technology, trends, and the future of staffing. F|Staff is an on-demand global platform facilitating interactions between CDL drivers and stakeholders on both ends of the market. In our conversation, we discuss his non-traditional path into staffing, lessons from his career journey, and how he founded F|Staff. Discover the benefits of a data-centric business model, why he thinks the staffing industry is broken, and how staffing agencies and customers can benefit from leveraging technology-based solutions. Gain insights into why reducing friction for customers is vital for success and the importance of streamlining the hiring process. Explore the current and future trends of the industry, ways the company is embracing AI, why AI won’t replace you but someone who is using AI will, and much more. Join us as we unpack the steps to building an on-demand future in staffing with Justin Clarke!