Empowering Workforce Flexibility with Tana Greene

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    Empowering Workforce Flexibility with Tana Greene

    In today’s episode, we delve into the fascinating journey of Tana Greene, the visionary behind MyWorkChoice, as she shares insights into revolutionizing the hourly workforce industry, empowering individuals, and crafting a culture of flexibility and choice. MyWorkChoice is a recruitment agency that provides a modern and human-centered approach to hiring and managing the hourly workforce. In our conversation, we unpack the high turnover rates and absenteeism in the light industrial staffing industry, how her company addressed these issues by giving workers more flexibility, and the benefits of reducing turnover and increasing employee satisfaction. Hear about her company’s transition from brick-and-mortar offices to a completely virtual setup, details about the growth of MyWorkChoice, the challenges of building and maintaining software, and the importance of flexibility to the modern workforce. Gain insights into why flexible work schedules have attracted more women into manufacturing, the secret behind MyWorkChoice’s success, and how to do more with fewer employees. Tana also shares her personal journey, from overcoming challenging situations to navigating domestic violence to starting her own business and reaching her full potential. Tune in as we uncover ways the staffing industry is broken and how empowering the workforce can fix it with Tana Greene!