A New Chapter of Shared Success: The Ōnin Group’s Leap into Employee Ownership with New CEO

Birmingham, AL – In a momentous shift towards a more inclusive and employee-centered business model, The Ōnin Group, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, proudly announces the initiation of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) alongside the promotion of Jim Weaver from Chief Operating Officer to Chief Executive Officer. This historic transition underscores Ōnin’s deep commitment to community, shared prosperity, and collective leadership.

“Our move to an ESOP is a declaration of our faith in the people who have built this company,” said Hugh Thomas, Managing Partner of Ōnin, reflecting on this transformative period. “We are transitioning from a traditional corporate model to a ‘for the people, by the people’ ethos, embodying the true spirit of The Ōnin Group.”

Jim Weaver’s story is a testament to The Ōnin Group’s core values. Starting as an out-of-work musician seeking a warehouse position, Weaver’s journey over the last 23 years from a branch employee to CEO exemplifies the company’s commitment to recognizing and nurturing talent from within.

“Jim’s journey from the warehouse floor to the executive suite encapsulates the essence of opportunity and growth we stand for at The Ōnin Group,” said Thomas. “His leadership is a clear signal that hard work and dedication can lead to remarkable achievements at Ōnin.”

Reflecting on his new role and the company’s future, Jim Weaver stated, “Stepping into the CEO role as we embark on this ESOP venture is a humbling privilege. The plan for this next era is simple: we will keep pressing into our core purpose of creating opportunity and empowering Ōninites, as they, in turn, do the same for our Teammates, clients and communities.”

In conjunction with the announcement of the ESOP and Jim Weaver’s promotion, The Ōnin Group is phasing in a revamped C-Suite structure to support sustainable growth and ensure a seamless transition into employee ownership.  Josh Gluskin, Ōnin’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Growth, will assume the role of Chief Strategy Officer. He will join Chief Executive Officer Jim Weaver and Chief Information Officer Rick Orcutt as a key C-level executive within Ōnin’s leadership team.

As The Ōnin Group embraces this new chapter, it remains dedicated to creating opportunities and empowering people, reinforcing a culture where every team member can achieve their full potential. This transition marks a new era of leadership that will enhance the company’s investment in its most valuable asset: its people.

For more details on The Ōnin Group’s innovative approach and journey towards an inclusive, employee-owned future, please visit https://oningroup.com/esop.