Abra Announces First Talent Platform Designed Specifically for the Healthcare IT Ecosystem

New platform targets unique pain points in healthcare IT ecosystem, benefitting health systems, independent contractors and consulting/staffing firms

MAITLAND, Fla., Oct. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today Abra announces the world’s first talent community designed exclusively for the healthcare IT ecosystem. The online platform and app, available soon on iOS and Android, aggregates healthcare IT talent from the most comprehensive sources including independent contractors, consulting firm team members, and even shared capacity of provider organizations’ IT teams. Abra provides new levels of flexibility and access that all stakeholders in the market can benefit from.

“The most discussed issue among healthcare leaders is a shortage of talent, but the issue isn’t actually a shortage of talent, it’s the difficulty and cost of accessing the high quality talent that’s already out there,” said Steve Glomski, Founder and CEO of Abra. “Abra’s platform collects the requirements, timing, and preferences directly from employers and workers to help facilitate great matches. On top of creating easy access for everyone, engagements found through Abra are projected to save employers up to 47% when compared to traditional external contracting services.”

Employers, including health systems and consulting/staffing firms, will use Abra to share talent needs with relevant workers, find future team members, as well as share their teams’ fractional capacity with other organizations, resulting in reduced costs and lead time, and better utilization of their team members’ capacity. For talented IT professionals looking for work, the app serves as a single place to share skills, expertise, availability and engagement preferences to all relevant employers in the market.

“The healthcare IT workforce and the employers seeking them face unique challenges,” said Glomski. “IT workers have to sift through hundreds of emails and phone calls from recruiters about irrelevant opportunities to find work that actually matches their skills, availability and engagement preferences. On the flip side, employers have lacked the information they need about the workforce to know who to reach out to regarding a specific IT initiative, until now. No other staffing or talent platform uses all the parameters and preferences that both employers and workers have like Abra does, making it easier to find one another when it matters.”

Abra’s capabilities combat the unique challenges the healthcare IT ecosystem faces. This is accomplished by providing convenient access to a comprehensive pool of talent with the unique skill sets hospitals and health systems require, ultimately reducing the long lead times and high cost associated with talent acquisition. Additionally, Abra gives hiring managers greater insight into the talent pool through quality reviews from former employers. With Abra, talent gets access to all of the opportunities that are actually relevant to them in one place, without all the noise of the ones that are not. It allows consulting firms to improve utilization and reduce bench time for contractors, ultimately decreasing costs and providing new revenue opportunities.

Abra will be available to both talent and employers at no cost. Now, talent can join the waitlist and employers can book a call with a concierge by visiting abra.io. The Abra platform will be available to download in the App Store and Google Play in Q4. To learn more about Abra, visit abra.io.

About Abra
Abra is the world’s first talent community designed exclusively for the healthcare IT ecosystem. The data driven platform, which is completely free to access, breaks down barriers between talent and opportunities, adds transparency to the marketplace and increases workforce flexibility for health systems, consulting firms and health IT talent. Abra is fully self-funded and the app becomes available in the App Store and Google Play in Q4. To learn more, visit abra.io.