Adzuna Reveals the Hottest Jobs of 2023

The smarter job search engine shares insights into the most lucrative job titles in terms of salary and demand

  • Job postings for Loan Officers are those with the biggest salary raises. On average, advertised salaries for the role of Loan Officer increased 102% between November 2021 and December 2022
  • Adzuna revealed soaring demand for certain jobs: the role of Flight Attendant saw a 3,220% increase in demand and ICU Nurse saw a 508% increase in job postings
  • In education and air travel, current candidates for key roles are benefitting from spikes in both salary and demand

Indianapolis – January 2023 – According to new research from smarter job search engine Adzuna, the number of new jobs posted and the demand for candidates is growing, despite a range of economic concerns.

The research analyzed 17.9 million US jobs advertised on Adzuna in 2021 and 2022, looking into the job titles with the largest year over year increases in salary and vacancies to reveal the most lucrative, in demand roles available in today’s jobs market.

Paul Lewis, Chief Customer Officer at Adzuna, states: “After a turbulent two years, job candidates are reassessing what they want, and we’re seeing that compensation and job security are of increasing importance when it comes to pursuing an open role. With uncertainty in a shifting job market, candidates are looking for industries with stability. Our findings show that sectors such as education, travel, healthcare and cleantech/environmental science will be the most lucrative of 2023.”

Loan Officer is the position with the most increased pay in the U.S., with a 102% change in average salary in the last year. While this may not traditionally be a popular career path, in the current economic climate and with the cost of living crisis driving debt and loans, it is becoming a popular and more lucrative choice.

For the role of Delivery Driver, advertised salaries were averaging $78,093 in Dec 2022 – an 84% increase from $42,557 in Nov 2021. Mental Health Social Worker also featured within the top five jobs with the most increased salary, with an 80% increase. Construction Site Manager is on the list too, with a salary of $112,019 compared to $68,361 a year ago.

The data reveals education and travel as two particularly strong areas of 2023’s jobs market. Candidates in education should be aware that English Tutor rounds out the list of the top five job titles with the biggest salary raises, with a 57% change.  Meanwhile, Classroom Teacher saw a 369% increase in demand. In the air travel industry, there has been a 3,220% increase for the role of Flight Attendant, and for the title of Airport Baggage Handler there was a 297% increase.

Additionally, ICU Nurse saw a 508% increase, and the market demand for Personal Trainer increased by 298%. For candidates in the cleantech and green sectors, Energy Engineer has seen a 355% increase in demand, along with a 186% increase in Environmental Scientist postings.

Those looking for job security amid the recent layoffs can turn an eye towards titles with a large number of open roles. Job seekers should be aware that Nurse is the job with the largest number of postings, with an advertised 399,785 vacancies in December 2022 and very high levels of live open Nurse roles available now. Burnout, difficult working conditions, and now the ‘tripledemic’ have led to several high profile nurses strikes within the sector, with employees campaigning for wage increases and better work-life balance. Average advertised salaries for Nurses had slipped 10% year on year to $115,078 but with the current conditions, Nurses could see spikes in pay soon.

The list of roles with the most vacancies includes Software Developer, for which there are 127,782 open positions and Engineer with 83,448 opportunities available.

While many industries have seen a positive change in salary increases and vacancies being filled, the sales industry has not been as fortunate. The role of Sales Support Assistant has 216,161 openings, which is a 55% increase in job postings from November ‘21 to December ‘22 with a 15% decrease in salary. Similar positions have seen the same trend, such as Cashier with 75,572 openings (a 12% increase) and a 4% decrease in earnings and Sales Executive with 67,794 vacancies (a 31% increase) and a 11% decrease in advertised pay. In the current economy, employees are looking for higher salaries and bonuses over flexibility and perks, which could be a factor in why the Sales industry is seeing this trend.


Based on a year over year comparison, the research analyzed 9.2 million US job vacancies advertised on in December 2022, comparing these with the 8.7 million advertised vacancies on in November 2021. The analysis was broken down by job title and over 4,000 job titles were analyzed, revealing the job roles seeing the biggest increase in both demand (advertised vacancies) and average advertised salaries.

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