AMS Launches Proprietary Talent Technology Analysis Platform, AMS Verified

Innovative platform combines AMS’s deep tech, advisory and operational expertise to help organizations navigate the talent tech market

Cleveland, OH – (October 12, 2022) – AMS a global provider of talent acquisition outsourcing and advisory services, announced today the launch of AMS Verified at UNLEASH World 2022 in Paris, France, October 12 – 13, 2022.

AMS Verified is an innovative online platform where talent leaders benefit from AMS’s professional analysis of the talent technology ecosystem and AMS approved software vendors can get a pulse on different talent tech needs in the market. AMS Verified demystifies the vast number of available solutions for talent leaders. It also provides them with access to AMS’s advisory services so they can more confidently make tech decisions and benchmark their own tech stack against similar companies.

“There’s no doubt that talent acquisition leaders are under a great deal of strain as companies across the board strive to grow their businesses, yet the talent to support that growth is incredibly scarce. Technology can help bridge that gap so organizations can build strong talent pipelines, but only if it’s the right solution for each company’s unique needs,” said David Leigh, Chief Executive Officer, AMS. “AMS Verified directly confronts these challenges, bringing together strengths from all corners of our organization, including AMS’s deep technology expertise, our credentials in the global recruitment space and the wealth of knowledge from our advisory team.”

AMS Verified is evaluating over 1,000 talent technology organizations and has created a rating system that cuts through the noise to help companies identify the right combination of tech for their needs. AMS works with talent technology vendors to get their platforms AMS Verified, opening up access to the latest market needs and trends data which allows them to improve their software and continue to build their roadmap.

AMS Verified benefits all users by:

  • Evaluating more features and functionality than other platforms to better match talent needs with vendor capabilities
  • Categorizing the tech not only by description but by the business objectives it solves in order to consider and shortlist the choices for TA leaders saving time and resources while making more informed decisions
  • Employing a search function that’s unique to the TA community and its terminology, while also allowing users to identify solutions by industry, hiring category and geography for more meaningful results

“AMS Verified is light years ahead of any other platform on the market in terms of the benefits it brings to stakeholders. By expediting the TA tech review process with pre-vetted solutions, leaders can get much-needed technology in place more efficiently and effectively to meet their business objectives. At the same time, vendors can focus on addressing true market needs and pursuing the right opportunities,” said Jonathan Kestenbaum, Managing Director, Technology Strategy & Partners, AMS.

To arrange a demonstration of AMS Verified with one of our experts, either at UNLEASH 2022 or virtually, please contact AMS at: [email protected]

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