Automation by Tracker Reclaims Recruiters’ Time While Building Relationships

San Diego, California, February 3, 2022 – Tracker, an industry-leading International software development company in the staffing and recruitment recruitment industry is excited to announce the release of Automation by Tracker, an innovative new feature that allows users to fully automate multi-stage workflows and sequences. From communication to tasks, Automation by Tracker gives back time, saves money, increases speed to hire, and builds better relationships between candidates, clients, and recruiter

Automation by Tracker takes a 360 approach to automating tasks, communication, sourcing, matching, and more to benefit candidates, clients, and recruiters alike:

• Automate sequence tasks across all records, including candidates, clients, leads, placements, and more and keep recruiters on task and productive with automated notifications and reminders.

• Fill your funnel automatically through intelligent matching and open jobs.

• Nurture client relationships and sales through automated progress reports and sequences to boost sales, increase client satisfaction, collaborate, and engage.

• Send your candidate experience into hyperdrive through automated communications via text and email.

• Crawl job boards 24/7 to source new candidates, rank, and even engage, all through our Watchdogs automation.

• Build and enhance data through automatic record updates, web forms, surveys, platform activities, and more.

Automation by Tracker takes recruitment ownership and productivity to the next level while focusing on building and nurturing relationships for the best candidate experience and placements.

Doing More by Doing Less

Andy Jones, CTO, says, “When we look into developing new software features, we ask ourselves: Will this enhance what we currently offer and what will enhance our users’ experience? Automation by Tracker was a resounding yes for both and something that will allow our clients and users value day-over-day.” Jones continued, “If we can find any way to better streamline our users tasks and give them back more time without sacrificing productivity, you can bet we’re going to do it.”

Recruiters spend hours of their time each day inputting data, reviewing data, and coordinating communications based on each record. Automation by Tracker was developed to allow recruiters to do more in less time. Taking tedious tasks and simplifying through coordinated, data-driven automatic triggers allows recruiters to focus on relationships without skipping important steps in the process to qualify and place the best candidates.

“Developing Automation by Tracker was really a no-brainer with all the other capabilities of our platform. It was the next logical way to give recruiters and staffing employees more freedom and time to nurture their relationships without sacrificing personal connection,” says David Alonso, CEO. “It’s another example of working alongside our customers to hear what they want and be able to deliver their needs in the most productive and supportive way.”

About Tracker

Tracker is a leading cloud-based recruitment, applicant tracking and CRM software provider focused on cultivating relationships first and building better tech to support growing businesses. With customers spanning over 40 countries, Tracker is focused on providing solutions and streamlining the recruitment process with features that increase productivity, sales, and placements. From our industry-changing platform to our dedicated and collaborative team, Tracker is driven to building better ways forward in every aspect of recruitment and staffing