Avionté Introduces Standalone Back-Office Solution for Enterprise Staffing Agencies

AviontéBOLD Back Office is a complete time entry, payroll, and billing solution designed to meet the complex needs of the staffing industry

BLOOMINGTON, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Avionté, a leader in enterprise staffing, recruiting, and talent enablement software, has decided to offer its AviontéBOLD Back Office as a standalone time entry, payroll, and billing solution for enterprise staffing firms. Until now, the highly regarded back-office solution was only available to Avionté customers who purchased Avionté’s complete front and back-office suite. Going forward, however, Avionté will open the AviontéBOLD Back Office to integrate with numerous front-office applicant tracking systems (ATS) through full API functionality. In addition, Avionté has added new third-party software integrations for its back-office offering, including an enhanced payroll tax preparation service from ADP.

“AviontéBOLD Back Office meets growing marketplace demand for a proven, reliable back-office solution designed to meet the complexities and distinct requirements of high-volume enterprise staffing,” said Rishabh Mehrotra, CEO of Avionté. “The AviontéBOLD end-to-end staffing platform has always included robust back-office support. When enterprise staffing firms came to us seeking out standalone back-office capabilities, we knew there was a gap in the marketplace. As staffing firms move to platform staffing and scale their operations, they can rely on AviontéBOLD Back Office for best-of-breed comprehensive time-entry, payroll, and billing functionalities.”

With almost 800 staffing agencies using Avionté’s back-office solution today, Avionté is one of the largest payroll vendors specializing in staffing. In 2023, Avionté issued more than 4 million separate W-2s supporting almost $15 billion in total billings. As a result, AviontéBOLD Back Office is a mature, highly scalable solution designed to support high-volume staffing operations, with features tailored to streamline payroll processes, including rapid candidate onboarding, streamlined exception processing, and customizable reporting.

Most HCM platforms are not designed to handle the complexity and variability associated with Staffing operations. Temporary employees’ paychecks often involve multiple assignments with different rates and billing requirements. Staffing payroll systems must accurately calculate pay rates, including weighted overtime pay, accruals, and tax deductions, consolidating these into a single paycheck and year-end W-2. AviontéBOLD Back Office ensures staffing agencies can track work hours precisely and manage billing, mark-ups, and payroll calculations, accommodating last-minute changes seamlessly.

Added Mehrotra, “Avionté is committed to ensuring all staffing firms have the tools they need to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape. For enterprise staffing agencies seeking a comprehensive back-office solution tailored to their unique needs, AviontéBOLD Back Office offers unmatched reliability, scalability, and efficiency.”

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