Avionté Launches 24/7 PAY, Available on the Avionté 24/7 Mobile Platform

New module allows staffing agency talent to access all pay and tax information directly from mobile app

Bloomington, Minn., April 5, 2022 – Avionté, a leader in enterprise staffing, recruiting, and talent enablement software, today introduced 24/7 PAY, the third talent module available on the Avionté 24/7 mobile platform. Via 24/7 PAY, talent can track everything from their regular paychecks to year-end tax forms, at their convenience, directly from their mobile device. The new 24/7 PAY module will be offered free of charge to all AviontéBOLD clients when bundled with either the 24/7 WORK module or the CHANGE paycard.

“Talent experience is crucial to the success of staffing firms, and pay is the most important and sensitive transaction associated with employment,” said Avionté CEO Rishabh Mehrotra. “We developed 24/7 PAY so our staffing clients could offer easy, transparent, self-service access to personal pay and tax information. This is a key differentiator for staffing firms, who now can offer an experience that typically is available only from employers through large payroll providers.”

Bundled free of charge and pre-integrated with AviontéBOLD, 24/7 PAY:

  • Allows talent to access payday and tax information instantaneously from their mobile device
  • Eliminates the administrative burden associated with responding to routine questions around paychecks and year-end tax information
  • Enhances security by limiting the number of personnel who have access to sensitive pay records
  • Can be implemented in a few days with minimal client effort
  • Includes a customized rollout kit to help clients introduce and implement the new technology to talent

“The single-most important question asked by talent is: ‘Was I paid, and was I paid correctly?’” said Mehrotra. “By putting all pay information in the hands of employees, we can alleviate the anxiety and disruption faced by staffing agencies on payday. Strategies to engage and retain talent will ultimately fail if pay is not a fundamental part of the experience.”

Traditionally, pay and back-office software solutions have been viewed as an afterthought for staffing agencies considering new staffing software. However, emerging payroll practices, such as same-day pay and earned wage access, serve as powerful tools to attract and retain workers. Many gig workers and a fast-growing percentage of hourly workers with large employers now have access to these programs, and staffing agencies risk being left behind. “When talent is scarce and every day is payday,” notes Mehrotra, “staffing agencies need access to flexible, fully integrated payment solutions that work seamlessly across the entire talent workflow.” For that reason, Avionté has taken a multi-pronged approach to pay.

Avionté bundles the CHANGE paycard with the 24/7 PAY module to support delivery of pay advances and same-day pay directly to talent. Within the next 30 days, Avionté plans to release new functionality in the BOLD front-office platform that enables employees to track their daily hours and request same-day pay, if the staffing agency chooses to enable these features. Later this year, Avionté also plans to integrate CHANGE paycard functionality into the 24/7 mobile solution. This will give workers access to both their pay information and all payment card services from the same mobile platform.

Mehrotra concluded, “By combining our 24/7 PAY solution with an upgraded CHANGE paycard and enhanced functionality on our BOLD platform, we will be able to offer Avionté customers the first end-to-end integrated pay platform expressly designed for the staffing industry.”

The 24/7 platform allows all talent interactions to be fully automated on a single mobile application, integrated directly into the AviontéBOLD staffing platform. In addition to 24/7 PAY, the 24/7 mobile platform supports two other talent modules, 24/7 WORK, a sophisticated application for algorithmic talent matching and shift scheduling, and 24/7 READY, a flexible but fully compliant COVID tracking application. Avionté will release additional 24/7 modules in 2022 to support onboarding, advanced timekeeping, talent engagement, and talent referrals.  

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